130 Awesome Parrot Names for Your Feathered Friend

Choosing the perfect name for your new feathered friend can be a fun and exciting task. Parrots are vibrant, intelligent, and full of personality, so finding a name that fits is important.

Whether you’re looking for something cute, funny, or unique, this guide will help you discover the best parrot names that reflect your bird’s charm and character. Get ready to explore a variety of names that will make your parrot stand out and become a beloved member of your family!

Cute Parrot Names

Cute Parrot

1. Angel (Unisex) – Perfect for a sweet and gentle parrot.

2. Baby (Unisex) – Great for a parrot that is the darling of the household.

3. Bambi (Unisex) – Inspired by the cute Disney character, ideal for a small and delicate parrot.

4. Bean (Unisex) – A small and cute name for a tiny parrot.

5. Bella (Female) – Meaning “beautiful” in Italian, perfect for a lovely parrot.

6. Berry (Unisex) – Sweet and colorful, like your parrot’s feathers.

7. Biscuit (Unisex) – A cute and endearing name for a parrot that loves treats.

8. Bubbles (Unisex) – For a lively and fun-loving parrot.

9. Button (Unisex) – Small and cute, like a button.

10. Chirpy (Unisex) – Reflecting the parrot’s cheerful and chatty nature.

11. Coco (Unisex) – A sweet and simple name, perfect for a lovable parrot.

12. Cupcake (Unisex) – For a parrot that’s as sweet as a treat.

13. Daisy (Female) – A fresh and cheerful name for a bright parrot.

14. Doodle (Unisex) – A fun and quirky name for a playful parrot.

15. Dot (Unisex) – Small and cute, like a little dot.

16. Feathers (Unisex) – Highlighting the parrot’s beautiful plumage.

17. Fluffy (Unisex) – For a parrot with a soft and fluffy appearance.

18. Giggles (Unisex) – Highlighting the joy a parrot can bring.

19. Honey (Unisex) – Sweet and endearing, like honey.

20. Jellybean (Unisex) – A colorful and sweet name for a small parrot.

21. Koko (Unisex) – A playful and charming name, ideal for a lovable parrot.

22. Lemon (Unisex) – Bright and zesty, just like your parrot’s personality.

23. Lulu (Female) – A cute and playful name for a delightful parrot.

24. Mango (Unisex) – A tropical and sweet name for a colorful parrot.

25. Nibbles (Unisex) – For a parrot that loves to nibble on treats.

26. Peaches (Female) – Sweet and soft, perfect for a gentle parrot.

27. Pebbles (Unisex) – Small and cute, like a tiny pebble.

28. Pippin (Unisex) – A cheerful and lively name for a happy parrot.

29. Pixie (Female) – A magical and charming name for a delightful parrot.

30. Sprinkles (Unisex) – A playful and sweet name, ideal for a colorful and lively parrot.

Famous Parrot Names

1. Polly (Unisex) – A traditional name often associated with parrots, popularized by the phrase “Polly wants a cracker.”

2. Iago (Male) – The cunning and talkative parrot from Disney’s “Aladdin,” known for his colorful feathers and mischievous personality.

3. Blu (Male) – The main character from the animated movie “Rio,” a Spix’s Macaw who embarks on an adventure in Brazil.

4. Nigel (Male) – The villainous cockatoo from the “Rio” movies, known for his theatrical and sinister demeanor.

5. Paulie (Male) – The talking parrot from the movie “Paulie,” who goes on a journey to find his original owner.

6. Alex (Male) – A famous African Grey parrot known for his advanced cognitive abilities and extensive vocabulary, studied by Dr. Irene Pepperberg.

7. Captain Flint (Unisex) – The parrot from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” often associated with the pirate Long John Silver.

8. Jewel (Female) – The spirited and beautiful female macaw in “Rio,” who becomes Blu’s mate.

9. Fred (Male) – The talking parrot from the television show “Baretta,” known for his witty comments.

10. Einstein (Unisex) – A talking African Grey parrot famous for his extensive vocabulary and ability to perform complex tricks.

Funny Parrot Names

Funny Parrot

1. Beaky (Unisex) – A humorous nod to the parrot’s prominent beak.

2. Birdbrain (Unisex) – Playfully poking fun at the parrot’s sometimes silly antics.

3. Chatterbox (Unisex) – Perfect for a parrot that loves to talk.

4. Cluckers (Unisex) – A funny name that sounds like a mix between a chicken and a parrot.

5. Coconut (Unisex) – A fun and tropical name for a lively parrot.

6. Crackers (Unisex) – Inspired by the classic parrot phrase “Polly wants a cracker.”

7. Feathers McGraw (Unisex) – A humorous and quirky name for a feathered friend.

8. Flapjack (Unisex) – A playful name highlighting the parrot’s flapping wings.

9. Giggles (Unisex) – For a parrot that brings laughter and joy.

10. Goofball (Unisex) – Ideal for a parrot with a silly personality.

11. Gumby (Unisex) – A fun name inspired by the flexible clay animation character.

12. Jabberjaw (Unisex) – Perfect for a parrot that never stops talking.

13. Kiwi (Unisex) – A cute and quirky name, perfect for a small and colorful parrot.

14. Loco (Unisex) – A funny name for a parrot with a wild and crazy personality.

15. Mango (Unisex) – A tropical and sweet name for a colorful parrot.

16. Nibbles (Unisex) – For a parrot that loves to nibble on things.

17. Peanut (Unisex) – A small and adorable name for a tiny parrot.

18. Pepper (Unisex) – A spicy and fun name for a lively parrot.

19. Pickles (Unisex) – A quirky and funny name, perfect for a playful parrot.

20. Pipsqueak (Unisex) – Great for a small parrot with a big personality.

21. Pollygon (Unisex) – A clever twist on the classic name Polly.

22. Quackers (Unisex) – A fun name that sounds like a mix between a duck and a parrot.

23. Rainbow (Unisex) – Ideal for a parrot with colorful plumage.

24. Rascal (Unisex) – Perfect for a mischievous and playful parrot.

25. Screech (Unisex) – For a parrot known for its loud calls.

26. Skittles (Unisex) – A colorful and sweet name for a vibrant parrot.

27. Snickers (Unisex) – A name that brings a smile, inspired by the candy bar.

28. Squawk (Unisex) – Highlighting the parrot’s vocal abilities.

29. Taco (Unisex) – A fun and quirky name, perfect for a parrot with a big personality.

30. Whistle (Unisex) – For a parrot that loves to whistle and make cheerful sounds.

Parrot Names by Color

Green Parrot Names

1. Emerald (Unisex) – Reflecting the rich green color of emerald gemstones.

2. Kermit (Male) – Inspired by the famous green Muppet frog, perfect for a playful green parrot.

3. Leaf (Unisex) – Inspired by the green leaves in nature.

4. Pepper (Unisex) – A spicy and lively name, ideal for a green parrot.

5. Olive (Unisex) – Reflecting the greenish hue of olives.

6. Forest (Unisex) – Emphasizing the lush green of a forest.

7. Jade (Unisex) – Inspired by the precious green gemstone.

8. Pickles (Unisex) – A quirky and fun name, perfect for a playful green parrot.

9. Mossy (Unisex) – Reflecting the soft green of moss.

10. Fern (Unisex) – Inspired by the green fern plants.

Blue Parrot Names

1. Azure (Unisex) – Reflecting the clear blue sky.

2. Sky (Unisex) – Inspired by the open blue sky.

3. Indigo (Unisex) – A deep and rich blue color, perfect for a blue parrot.

4. Sapphire (Unisex) – Reflecting the beautiful blue gemstone.

5. Bluebell (Female) – Inspired by the delicate blue flowers.

6. Cobalt (Unisex) – A strong and vivid blue, ideal for a striking blue parrot.

7. Ocean (Unisex) – Emphasizing the vast and deep blue of the ocean.

8. Teal (Unisex) – A mix of blue and green, perfect for a uniquely colored parrot.

9. Lapis (Unisex) – Inspired by the deep blue lapis lazuli stone.

10. Wave (Unisex) – Reflecting the rolling blue waves of the sea.

Red Parrot Names

Red Parrot

1. Ruby (Unisex) – Reflecting the vibrant red gemstone.

2. Scarlet (Female) – A bright and bold red, perfect for a striking parrot.

3. Cherry (Unisex) – Inspired by the small, sweet red fruit.

4. Crimson (Unisex) – A deep and rich red color.

5. Rose (Female) – Reflecting the classic red flower.

6. Berry (Unisex) – A sweet and colorful name, ideal for a red parrot.

7. Fire (Unisex) – Emphasizing the bright and fiery red color.

8. Blaze (Unisex) – A bold name for a parrot with striking red feathers.

9. Poppy (Unisex) – Inspired by the vibrant red poppy flower.

10. Garnet (Unisex) – Reflecting the deep red gemstone.

Yellow Parrot Names

1. Sunny (Unisex) – Reflecting the bright and cheerful yellow of the sun.

2. Buttercup (Female) – Inspired by the yellow flower.

3. Goldie (Unisex) – A playful name reflecting the golden-yellow color.

4. Lemon (Unisex) – Inspired by the zesty yellow fruit.

5. Daisy (Female) – Reflecting the cheerful yellow center of the flower.

6. Marigold (Female) – Inspired by the bright yellow-orange flower.

7. Canary (Unisex) – Reflecting the bright yellow of a canary bird.

8. Honey (Unisex) – Emphasizing the sweet, golden-yellow color.

9. Sunflower (Unisex) – Inspired by the tall and bright yellow flower.

10. Topaz (Unisex) – Reflecting the golden-yellow gemstone.

White Parrot Names

1. Snowy (Unisex) – Reflecting the pure and clean white of snow.

2. Ivory (Unisex) – Inspired by the smooth, white material.

3. Pearl (Unisex) – Reflecting the beautiful white gemstone.

4. Lily (Female) – Inspired by the delicate white flower.

5. Blizzard (Unisex) – Emphasizing the bright white of a snowstorm.

6. Frosty (Unisex) – Reflecting the cold and crisp white of frost.

7. Ghost (Unisex) – A playful and mysterious name for a white parrot.

8. Cotton (Unisex) – Inspired by the soft and fluffy white material.

9. Dove (Unisex) – Reflecting the pure white of a dove.

10. Snowflake (Unisex) – Emphasizing the unique and delicate nature of a snowflake.

Multicolored Parrot Names

1. Rainbow (Unisex) – Reflecting the array of colors in the parrot’s plumage.

2. Confetti (Unisex) – Emphasizing the colorful and celebratory nature.

3. Fiesta (Unisex) – A fun and festive name, perfect for a colorful parrot.

4. Skittles (Unisex) – Inspired by the colorful candy.

5. Kaleidoscope (Unisex) – Reflecting the mix of colors and patterns.

6. Patches (Unisex) – Emphasizing the various colored patches in the parrot’s feathers.

7. Peacock (Unisex) – Inspired by the vibrant and multicolored peacock feathers.

8. Spectrum (Unisex) – Reflecting the range of colors in the parrot’s plumage.

9. Technicolor (Unisex) – Inspired by the vivid colors of early color films.

10. Tutti Frutti (Unisex) – A playful and colorful name, perfect for a vibrant parrot.

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