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Inspired by - Poland

Warsaw Rising

Posted by rod - 22.09.2014

Polish web design agency Bright Media came up with the concept and developed the Warsaw Rising website in cooperation between the Topography of Terror Foundation in Berlin and the Warsaw Rising Museum for the anniversary of the Warsaw Rising. If you love history, interesting user experience and great design this site is something for you. Learn about the history of the city once known as Paris of the north.

Warsaw Rising website design

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Inspired by - Vietnam

Viet Ha Beer packaging design

Posted by rod - 18.09.2014

VietHa Beer packaging design

Whilst working at Richard Moore Associates, Linh Lee had the chance to work on the brand identity and packaging design of Viet Ha beer, which is based in Vietnam.

The new design not only had to be modernised, but also had to transmit both a friendly and authentic feeling to its target audience. The beer’s symbol originates from the Don Son bronze drum and features the Lacviet bird. By redesigning the bird and adding the two barley strands it communicated a more sophisticated beer language. Parts of the Don Son bronze drum was also used to create patterns which were placed around the beer can. The word mark kept its red colour and it received a embossed look. A custom slab type was designed and replaced the previous condensed font. One element which I think is a shame that was lost are the diacritical marks over the “e” and “a”. From a visual point of view it would have been more authentic Vietnamese if they would have included them. Having said that, I’m no expert in Vietnamese language.


What do you think of the redesign?

VietHa Beer packaging designVietHa Beer packaging designVietHa Beer packaging design3VietHa Beer packaging design4VietHa Beer packaging design5VietHa Beer packaging design


via packagingoftheworld

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Inspired by - Mexico

Central American inspired Mural installations

Posted by rod - 16.09.2014

Central American inspired Mural installations

Melissa Godoy Nieto created a series of mural installations that were inspired by Central American imagery, temples, and Mexican textiles. The exhibition was held at the general public part of Pictoplasma Festival, Berlin 2012, Photos by Kate Kornberg.

Central American inspired Mural installationsCentral American inspired Mural installations4Central American inspired Mural installations3  Central American inspired Mural installations Central American inspired Mural installations8  Central American inspired Mural installations  Central American inspired Mural installations10 Central American inspired Mural installations6Central American inspired Mural installations5Central American inspired Mural installations7Central American inspired Mural installationsCentral American inspired Mural installations12

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Inspired by - Spain

Barcelona with an iPhone

Posted by rod - 15.09.2014

Barcelona with an iPhone

Belgium graphic designer Steven Maquinay traveled to Barcelona, Spain together with his iPhone, as you would do. Along the way he took a bunch of pictures which he turned into cool little Giff animations.

Barcelona with an iPhone giff animationsBarcelona with an iPhone giff animationsBarcelona with an iPhone3Barcelona with an iPhone1Barcelona with an iPhone4Barcelona with an iPhone5Barcelona with an iPhone7

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Inspired by - World

14 Awesome City posters

Posted by rod - 03.09.2014

The simplicity makes these city posters so awesome. Dublin based design studio me&him&you illustrated 14 cities from around the world. Each posters had to be identified by 3 iconic buildings and one drink or dish. In addition the studio chose to use only black. The cities which are represented here are London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, Stockholm, Toronto, Boston, Dublin, Paris and Hong Kong. Each poster is silk screenprinted and signed onto 450x640mm 190gsm Rothmill Cream paper.

San Francisco City posters screenprintsmehimyou.Copenhagen-570x712 London-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou mehimyou.BarcelonaC-570x712 mehimyou.Melbourne-570x712 Paris-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou New-York-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou Dublin-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou Boston City posters screenprints Berlin City posters screenprints Hong-Kong-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou Stockholm City posters screenprints Sydney City posters screenprints toronto City posters screenprints

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Inspired by - England

Animated London city guide

Posted by rod - 01.09.2014

Following on from the awesome animated New York city guide. Here is the London city guide. the animation was created by Uk motion designer Al Boardman for Kaplan International. Kaplan asked 535 of their London students what they thought would be a dream day in the English capital. The 8 most popular ones where transformed into a beautiful animation.

Animated London city guide

Animated London city guide2

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Inspired by - USA

Animated New York City guide

Posted by rod - 01.09.2014

Uk motion designer Al Boardman had the pleasure to work together with Kaplan International on their New York City guide animation. So what would you do in NYC? There is a ton to do and see and therefor Kaplan asked 355 of their students aged between 18 and 59 from 39 countries what they love to do. The top 8 things where used and transformed into a beautiful animation of the Times Square, SoHo, Little Italy, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway, Madison Square Garden and The Meatpacking District. Kaplan were where so happy with the result, they translated the film into 12 other languages.

Also check out the London city guide animation

  Animated New York City guideAnimated New York City guideAnimated New York City guide

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Inspired by - World

Lufthansa – Passengers on tour illustrations

Posted by rod - 19.08.2014


Lufthansa commissioned 14 illustrators from around the world to capture a specific destination they fly to. The campaign was brought to life by Plan.Net who had the challenge to come up with an online solution. The idea was the “Passengers on tour” competition using the format of the “Wimmelbild”, a well known form of german illustration which tells many stories in one bustling image. Each day a new destination (illustration) was revealed where the viewers had to find one Lufthansa passenger carrying a bag of suitcase. The participants where able to collect points and take part on daily give-aways. Amongst the 14 illustrators from 14 countries there was MUTI, Jori Van der Linde, Victo Ngai, Jilipollo etc.

 Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Johannesburg Druck Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Peking Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-London Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Delhi Lufthansa - Passengers on tour illustrations Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Mexico Lufthansa Paris FIN wipai Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Rio Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Dubai Lufthansa - Passengers on tour illustrations Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Montreal Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Moskau

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Inspired by - Africa

African Khulu Soap packaging

Posted by rod - 18.08.2014

African Khulu Soap packaging

South African design studio Fanakalo created these awesome African Khulu Soap packaging designs. By the looks of it Fanakalo was inspired by African barbershops, patterns and paintings.

“Khulu Soap is an original and authentic manufacturer of soaps infused with traditional African herbs and was the first to launch this type of product in South Africa after two years of experimentation with different combinations of herbs.

Hand made soap, infused with traditional wild herbs from the heart of Africa. There are 5 different soaps, each packaged and designed with a specific African theme.”

African Khulu Soap packagingAfrican Khulu Soap packagingAfrican Khulu Soap packagingkhulu-soap-04khulu-soap-05khulu-soap-06khulu-soap-07

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