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Air Malta’s new brand identity

Posted by rod - 13.08.2012

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Air Malta revealed last week its new brand identity (logo, livery and payoff – The Airline of the Maltese Islands. Air Malta is based in the Maltese Archipelago which is situated in the center of the Mediterranean between south of Italy and North Africa. The Airline has a small fleet of 12 aircrafts that travel to 50 destinations.

Futurebrand was appointed to design the new visual identity. They dissected the old logo, keeping the good, extracting the bad and supplementing it with some modernity. The one element which they did keep from the old logo was the Maltese cross which is Malta’s national symbol. Most national institutions in Malta such as the Malta Post carry the Maltese cross.

“The Maltese cross is at the heart of the new identity. For an airline, iconography is critical to create a unique and distinctive impression. With this in mind, there is more pride and prominence with how the cross is applied across the livery, and the shape features graphic patterns that are derived from and represent the true diversity of the Maltese Islands.

The traditional red and white colours of Malta have been infused with the colours blue, yellow, white gold, orange and green, which reflect the sun, sand and sea, the famously vibrant and colourful annual Festas, carnivals and fireworks displays and the colourful Luzzu fishing boats that can be seen in many harbours and bays around the islands.”

More info on the Futurebrand blog and underconsideration

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Inspired by - Malta

Branding the Malta Post

Posted by rod - 01.04.2011

Branding the malta post logobranding the malta post

The small Mediterranean island of Malta reviled that its post recently went through a rebranding phase. Moving from its previous outdated blue and yellow logo to a bold red and black one. The return to the former corporate colours is intended to match the iconic red and black pillar boxes present throughout the island. The new logo also incorporated the Maltese cross into is horn, strengthening its image abroad. via designtagebuch

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