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Latvian Banknotes

Posted by rod - 02.04.2010

– Oak-tree and stylized oak-leaf
– Design of an ornamental sun cut in wood superimposed on a distaff motif

– Panoramic view of the River Daugava and a stylized oak-leaf
– Representation of the traditional Latvian bronze bow-broach superimposed on a motif of the broach’s elements

– Ancient Latvian homestead and stylized oak-leaf
– Motif of traditional Latvian ornaments

– Ancient sailing-ship and stylized oak-leaf
– Historical small coat of arms of Riga, a cross above two intersected keys, is superimposed on the city plan of the medieval Riga

– Portrait of Krisjanis Barons and stylised oak-leaf
– Variety of Lielvarde belt ornaments

– Profile of a Latvian folk-maid and stylized oak-leaf
– Motif of the ornaments of a bronze head-dress

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