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Malam Jabba Pakistan’s biggest ski resort

Posted by rod - 14.11.2010

Located in Swat Valley Malam Jabba is Pakistan‘s biggest ski resort. Unfortunatly it was destroyed by the Pakistani Taliban in 2008. The tourist poster plays with Islamic law against literal depictions and thus uses only patterns. The type says Malam Jabba and uses the traditional Arabic writing style Kufi. via typeunion

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Inspired by - Pakistan

Granta magazine Pakistan

Posted by rod - 29.09.2010

The cover for Granta 112 was created by Islam Gull, a truck and bus artist of Bhutta village in Karachi, in Pakistan. The style of painting is typically seen on Pakistan’s vehicles which has a long tradition. via creativereview

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Inspired by - India

Aman Ki Asha, an Indo-Pak Peace Project

Posted by rod - 14.05.2010

Aman Ki Asha is a brave, new people-to-people initiative by The Times of India and Pakistan‘s Jang Group to bring the people of two fine nations closer together. Culturally, emotionally and peacefully.

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Inspired by - Pakistan

Coat of arms of Packistan

Posted by rod - 27.03.2010

In 1954 the state emblem of Pakistan was adopted. The colour green, star and crescent are symbols of Islam, which is the main religion in Pakistan. In the center a quartered shield with each quarter containing a major crop of Pakistan. cotton, jute, tea and wheat. Abound the shield is the Poet’s Jasmine, the national flower. It also represents the Mughal cultureal heritage of Pakistan. The script at the bottom contains the national motto in Urdu, Iman, Ittehad, Nazm translated as “Faith, Unity, Discipline”.

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Inspired by - Pakistan


Posted by rod - 30.09.2009


Great picture from Pakistan. via

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Inspired by - Pakistan

Coke side of life – Pakistan

Posted by rod - 06.06.2009




Coke side of life – Pakistan. via Gandamo

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Inspired by - Pakistan

PIA livery

Posted by rod - 11.05.2009

Pakistan International Airline, the national flag carrier, in its effort to portray the rich heritage it inherits has decided to change its livery partially, specifically its tail, to reflect the colors and artistic excellence of its four Provinces and proudly fly around the globe, for one and all to reflect on its grandeur. In so doing, it has chosen some of the finest of motifs characteristic of the four Provinces comprising Pakistan.


Frontier: Home of the proud Pathans, the North West Frontier Province stretches from the famous Khyber Pass in the north-west to the mighty Karakorum Range in the north-east. The airplane is named after the Khyber Pass, and the tail is resplendent by the “Phulkari” (flowering) pattern that reflects a rich and colorful tradition of embroidery generally done on shawls, shirts and linen. Often bearing strong Greek influence from the days of Ghandhara civilization, these vibrant geometric patterns and motifs, a’il in primary colors, reflect exquisite detail and precision of craftsmanship. The tail of the airplane bears witness to this design.


Punjab: As the land of the five rivers the Province of Punjab in Pakistan offers a feast for the senses. With its lush valleys and verdant plains the crafts of the Punjab have a rich and vibrant tradition from the ‘royal’ craftsmanship of its urban centers to the village crafts of the rural areas. The patterns and the motifs vary from floral designs to figures of birds to majestic elephants. Its historical buildings and gardens, its glasswork shimmering in the Sheesh Mahal, the art of Punjab is best exemplified in the exquisite tile decoration of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, which is the design on the tail of the airplane. The airplane is named after the, Garden of the Moghuls.


Baluchistan: Pakistan’s Baluchistan Province stretches from the coast of Makran in the west to the mountain passes of Bolan and Gomal in the north. This is the land of the thousand of years old Juniper Forests. The local craftsmanship reflects the proud Baluch tribal tradition. A striking and colorful reflection of robust creativity is seen in the kilims, carpets and rugs woven with wool, goat or camel hair and mixed yarn. The pattern is mostly bold geometric motifs in primary colors dominated by red and making it strikingly beautiful. This is the design and motif on the tail. And the airplane is named after the Orchards of Baluchistan.


Sindh: Situated in the heart of the Indus Valley Civilization, exemplified by the ruins Moen-jo-daro, the Sindh Province in Southern Pakistan has an ancient and rich tradition of art and crafts. Among them, Hala tile work is one of the most striking representations of a craftsmanship that transforms clay into an object of undying and pristine beauty. Exquisitely adorned with electric blue and white floral patterns and motifs, the Hala craft signifies a labour of love and a passion for perfection. These floral patterns and motifs constitute the design of the aircrafts tails and the aircraft itself is named after the deserts of Sindh.

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Inspired by - Pakistan

Pakistani truck design

Posted by rod - 06.05.2009






Pakistan truck design found via

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