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Zambia’s new tourism logo

Posted by rod - 11.07.2011

Zambia tourism logo identity

After 8 weeks and 956 entries to the rebrand Zambia tourism competition a winner was chosen. Michel Scarantino created the new logo which incorporates the famous Zambezi river which tumbles down the Victoria Falls and the Zambian colours, red, black, green and yellow.

As much as I like that he incorporated some Zambian elements I personally think that the logo isn’t thought through and does not stand out next to other tourism identities. The execution is poor and looks like is was slapped together in Paint.

What do you think about the logo?

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Zambia t-shirt

Posted by rod - 30.03.2009 are behind various t-shirts taking inspiration from countrys in Africa and their statistics. 20% of the money from the sale of the shirts go towards building an orphanage in Mozambique.

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