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Posted by rod - 20.01.2010

The Yoruba’s are among the most impressive artistic cultures in the world, the Yoruba people live on the west coast of Africa in Nigeria, and also in the eastern Republic of Benin and Togo. They are one of the largest cultural groups in Africa with around 40 million Yoruba world-wide.. They created a strong economy through farming, trading, and art production and their outstanding and unique artistic traditions include woodcarving, sculpture, metal work, textiles, and beadwork. a2 cest mieux designed the Invitation, press, posters, postcards and catalogs for the 2008 exhibition in St. Cyprian. via typojungle

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Inspired by - Benin

Gelede masks from Benin

Posted by rod - 13.09.2009


One of the most important festivals in Benin is the Gelede, which honours female elders. Key to this festival is a dance with a costume that consists of a mask (aworan), headwrap (oja) and leg rattles (iku) which protect their wearer against aje. In this festival a mask is worn by men masquerading as women in order to please the mothers, particularly the destructive aje who otherwise might use witchcraft against them. It is seen to have developed in the late eighteenth century in the transition from matriarchal to patriarchal society. Text and pictures from

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