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Portuguese packaging O melhor do Ribatejo

Posted by rod - 14.04.2015

 Portuguese packaging O melhor do Ribatejo

O melhor do Ribatejo is a company located in Portugal which selects the best products in the region.  The packaging design harness the regions unique characteristics through the very people who live in Ribatejo.

“The best of Ribatejo was created with the aim of promoting Ribatejo, a region in the centre of Portugal with unique culture and distinctive traditions.”

“the people from Ribatejo, they have unique characteristics and a very strong personality. They are the image of our products and brand.”

 Portuguese packaging O melhor do Ribatejo Portuguese packaging O melhor do Ribatejo2Portuguese packaging O melhor do RibatejoPortuguese packaging O melhor do Ribatejo1Portuguese packaging O melhor do Ribatejo4

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Beautifull too. I love this web. :-)

  • From: Reza
  • Jul 09, 2017

It’s so inspirational and gave me new ideas to grow in my career.
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  • From: Devin
  • Jul 14, 2017

The packaging has an vintage look to it but it still works really well in this modern context – love the color usage too!
Devin – Web Design Company

Ahh that is great thank you ! Good for special needs too !
I will consult more before deciding to use Portuguese packaging

  • From: raj
  • Nov 19, 2018

Hi very good article.
Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work.

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