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Japanese Woshi-Woshi visual identity and packaging

Posted by rod - 15.04.2015

Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging3

Russian A5 pharmacy commissioned Art Lebedev Studio to create a Japanese inspired visual identity and packaging for their Skin and hair care products. The vibrant illustrations which are featured on the packaging design derive from the artwork on Japanese manhole covers which typically feature a theme or a city. Each packaging showcases a unique illustrations that steps into a colourful Japanese garden, emphasising the freshness of the products. Whilst the quirky logo is placed at the top.

Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging2Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packagingJapanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging1Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packagingJapanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging6Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging8Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packagingJapanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packagingJapanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging9Japanese Woshi-Woshi identity and packaging10

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desainnya berkarakter dan bagus, bagaimana si cara membuatnya

the colours are absolutely GORGEOUS, very faithful japanese design!

Wow – great to see some of the original pencil drawings for this – I always think that seeing the prep and concept work gives the final polished artwork more weight. Great work.

This is really stupendous — gorgeous line work, colour, and energy. It really captures the energy of the logo design/typeface and brand identity and is both on-trend and timeless.


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incredible marketing scheme. I’d be sure to purchase if I saw that colourful packaging

What a colorfull inspiration ! Thanks for the discovery

This is ridiculously dope! The detailing and the contrasting colours, amazing!

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  • From: raj
  • Nov 19, 2018

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