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Institut Finlandais brand identity

Posted by rod - 03.03.2015

Institut Finlandais

Graphic Designer Dimitris Kostinis created this minimalistic Finish brand identity proposal for the Institut Finlanders.

Institut Finlandais® in France opened in 1991 in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris. Since then, the institue has emerged as a dynamic cultural center in Paris, organizing a number of events around the Finnish culture. Culture, coffee, design : Finnish creation is revealed in all its forms.

Institut Finlandais brand identityInstitut Finlandais brand identityInstitut Finlandais6Institut Finlandais15Institut Finlandais8Institut Finlandais14Institut Finlandais12 Institut Finlandais11 Institut Finlandais2 Institut Finlandais3 Institut Finlandais4 Institut Finlandais7 Institut Finlandais16 Institut Finlandais9 Institut Finlandais brand identity Institut Finlandais10

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