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Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity

Posted by rod - 09.02.2015

Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity2

Templo was commissioned by the International Truth and Justice Project to create the campaign identity for #StopTorture. The campaign ams to raise awareness of human rights abuse in Sri Lanka. The design studio at Templo came up with a trilingual system using English, Tamil and Sinhalese characters. The typographic logos spell out ‘Stop’ in the three languages.

Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity2
Logo animation in English-Sinhala languages.

Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity2
Logo animation in English-Tamil languages.

The logos and the campaign material gave a voice to both ethnic groups but also helped the people outside of Sri Lanka to understand what was going on in the Country.

“Designing the logos was a complex process, explains Palavathanan, as both symbols had to be visually similar while ensuring characters were clearly legible for native speakers of each language.

We had to start with matching the Tamil and Sinhala letterforms, [which was] tricky as they are constructed in completely different ways. Tamil is much more geometric and angular compared to the more script-based Sinhala,” he says. “Once this was achieved, we could extend the lines and curves to their English counterpart. We then tested this with native Tamil and Sinhala speakers to test legibility.”

Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity3Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity4Sri Lankan trilingual campaign identity2

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