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Bike + travel + illustration

Posted by rod - 21.01.2015

French graphic designer and illustrator, Ladislas Chachignot created this personal project called Easy Rider. Ladislas worked on these illustrations mixing three of his passions, Bike + Travel + Illustration.

This project is a tribute to “bike addicts” all around the world. These people who just can’t stop riding their bikes and will ride them until they die (and even after)!

He created 8 illustrations presenting 8 locations and show how people ride their bike depending of their location, country and culture.

        Bike travel illustration

Easy Rider Austria

Bike travel illustration1

Easy Rider USA – Los Angeles

Bike travel illustration

Easy Rider China

Bike travel illustration

Easy Rider USA – Nevada

Bike travel illustration4

Easy Rider USA – New York

Bike travel illustration5

Easy Rider Tenerife

Bike travel illustration6

Easy Rider Paris 1920

Bike travel illustration7

Easy Rider Tuscany

Bike travel illustration

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