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The new Norwegian Passport

Posted by rod - 01.12.2014

The new Norwegian Passport

Basically all countries passports tell the same story similar to its money. They either show off the nations key figures, history, animals, nature or landmarks. But none as far as I know have managed to incorporate a security detail that goes hand in hand with the overall design that also represents a key national element, as the new Norwegian Passport. The new Norwegian passport, which was designed by Neue a Norwegian multi-discipline design studio based in Oslo won the competition with it concept “The Norwegian landscape”

The one page which everyone is raving about is one where the mountains rise from the sea / fjord. When placed under a black light the page will reveal an image of the Northern Lights making it an innovative approach to security. I wish they would of shown more pages. According to the jury the concept will make the document widely accepted and they appreciate the solutions simplicity. The design is appealing and stylish, the colours are subtle and abstraction of landscape is exciting. The proposal seems to be designed with great emphasis on the function of passports and ID cards, and emerges clearly as a value document.

The new Norwegian PassportThe new Norwegian Passport

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Love it! Turning your passport into a wee collection of travel tales indeed… :)

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