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The great wave of Kanagaw typeface

Posted by rod - 16.12.2014

The great wave of Kanagaw typeface2

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, is a painting by famous Japanese painter Katsuhiko Hokusai. Aditya Tri’s created an illustrative typeface inspired by the painting.

 is Aditya Tri’s all-time favourite fine art. The iconic waves has inspired him to make an illustrative typeface. Aditya used Garamond for the base form of the font to give the same impression of the painting, which is elegant and classic.

via betype

The great wave of Kanagaw typeface4 The great wave of Kanagaw typeface3 The great wave of Kanagaw typeface1 The great wave of Kanagaw typeface

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Whoa… The Japanese art maks me crazy… Awesome…
Thanks for sharing.

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