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Now Japan 2014

Posted by rod - 03.11.2014

Illustrator Karolis Strautniekas was commissioned to do the illustrations for an advert for the Now Japan 2014 festival in Lithuania. The brief was to crate something a bit edgy and original, visually attractive and minimal. Clichés about Japanese culture became the axis of our animation.

Now Japan 20141 Now Japan 2014Now Japan 2014Now Japan 20142 Now Japan 2014Now Japan 20146 Now Japan 2014Now Japan 2014


Production: wowburo
Concept and Creative Direction: Other PeterKarolis Strautniekas
Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas
Animation: Other Peter
Graphic design: Džiugas Valančauskas
Sound: Sonar

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thanks for sharing it i found it so amazing glad to be here

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