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Porto city identity proposal

Posted by rod - 14.10.2014

In June 2014 Atelier Martino&Jaña where invited along with two other studios to create a new city identity for the city of Porto in Portugal. The challenge was that the design studio only had 18 days to complete this colossal task. Despite the short deadline the team responded to the opportunity with great enthusiasm and motivation.

“We’re very passionate about Porto – it’s our hometown and the place where we truly belong. Secondly, because we believe that design is capable of making a much stronger and more intelligent contribution to the city. We believe that visual communication can surpass the sometimes expected aesthetics of branding, and that it has the capacity to help create and to frame dialogue, acting as a mediator between a city and its inhabitants.”

Atelier Martino&Jaña approached the project by looking at the cities history. The city of Porto dates back to the Bronze Age, and has been a key location throughout the history of Portugal.

Deep into our development of the concept it became clear to us that our exploration extended beyond the specific goal of creating an identity for Porto. It inevitably involved asking in what ways is was possible for visual communication to reflect and represent a city – any city.
We had embarked on a journey – a journey that implied more than choosing what vehicle to use – but thinking about the very nature of transportation.

That questioning led us to a philosophy – how we understand identity. In turn the philosophy suggested a methodology – how we have chosen to assemble the visual components for an identity by creating a graphic vocabulary.
Finally, the strategy – how we propose to use that vocabulary.

Those three elements: philosophy, methodology and strategy, form the basis of our approach.

Our idea of a visual vocabulary consists of a rich and diverse graphic lexicon that can be expanded and used in a diverse number of ways. It deliberately embodies a degree of abstractness. It forms the basis of the identity, and addresses all the constituent parts of the city.

Porto city identity proposal

Even though both types of communication resort to the same visual vocabulary, whenever the City Hall communicates, its graphic mark displays an organized layout framed by a shield protecting the city core. On the other hand, whenever the City of Portocommunicates, its identity no longer displays the shield, and can resort to a dynamic and multicolor composition system.

Porto city identity proposal

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Really, really neat work.

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