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Elephant Gin packaging design

Posted by rod - 30.10.2014

Elephant Gin packaging design

Gin has been around for a long long time in Africa and is still now a popular drink especially whilst on safari. The Elephant Gin is a handcrafted London Dry gin inspired by the pioneering spirt of early explorers of Africa. The packaging design which was created by Simon Frouws is beautifully illustrated and features an illustrated map of South Africa and the gins main symbol, an Elephant holding a Gin bottle in his trunk.

The gin is distilled using 14 botanicals, including uniquely African ingredients such as Baobab, Buchu and African Wormwood. Worth mentioning is that 15% of its profits go to the Big life Foundation and Space for elephants.

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These pictures are fastnatic! such a romantic area you live in; I have never seen sea ice (I live in Sydney) – so looking at these pictures is like visiting another planet,so thrilling! Scandinavia is fairyland to me. And, the geometric shots are beautiful. Thanks for this lovely post.

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