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Viet Ha Beer packaging design

Posted by rod - 18.09.2014

VietHa Beer packaging design

Whilst working at Richard Moore Associates, Linh Lee had the chance to work on the brand identity and packaging design of Viet Ha beer, which is based in Vietnam.

The new design not only had to be modernised, but also had to transmit both a friendly and authentic feeling to its target audience. The beer’s symbol originates from the Don Son bronze drum and features the Lacviet bird. By redesigning the bird and adding the two barley strands it communicated a more sophisticated beer language. Parts of the Don Son bronze drum was also used to create patterns which were placed around the beer can. The word mark kept its red colour and it received a embossed look. A custom slab type was designed and replaced the previous condensed font. One element which I think is a shame that was lost are the diacritical marks over the “e” and “a”. From a visual point of view it would have been more authentic Vietnamese if they would have included them. Having said that, I’m no expert in Vietnamese language.


What do you think of the redesign?

VietHa Beer packaging designVietHa Beer packaging designVietHa Beer packaging design3VietHa Beer packaging design4VietHa Beer packaging design5VietHa Beer packaging design


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  • From: Name*
  • Sep 18, 2014

The old logo is way cooler.

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