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Exotic coffee collection packaging design

Posted by rod - 30.09.2014

exotic coffee collection packaging design

Do you still remember the “World’s best coffees” gift set descend by Artelmov Artel? Paradise. gourmet club has this time commissioned Artelmov Artel to create the exotic coffee collection packaging design.

“The task was to create a package design for the series of exotic coffees. This product is significantly more expensive than traditional ones and poorly known by an audience. Packaging has to demonstrate exclusivity and premium value of the product.

Each type of coffee from this collection is produced only in certain areas and has distinct unique taste. Mystical characters of Tiki (Hawaii), Barong (Indonesia), La Tolita Culture (Ecuador), Taino (Jamaica), Mahakala (Nepal), Furisiya (Yemen) inspired us to create vivid images, closely related to the distinctive cultures of the countries-suppliers of coffee.

Combination of graphics, shape of the package (tube) and technological solution (embossing, graphic paper) creates the image of a premium product. The gift box of the collection is made of wood (linden).”

exotic coffee collection packaging design exotic coffee collection packaging design1 exotic coffee collection packaging design2 exotic coffee collection packaging design


via packagingoftheworld

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