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14 Awesome City posters

Posted by rod - 03.09.2014

The simplicity makes these city posters so awesome. Dublin based design studio me&him&you illustrated 14 cities from around the world. Each posters had to be identified by 3 iconic buildings and one drink or dish. In addition the studio chose to use only black. The cities which are represented here are London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, Stockholm, Toronto, Boston, Dublin, Paris and Hong Kong. Each poster is silk screenprinted and signed onto 450x640mm 190gsm Rothmill Cream paper.

San Francisco City posters screenprintsmehimyou.Copenhagen-570x712 London-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou mehimyou.BarcelonaC-570x712 mehimyou.Melbourne-570x712 Paris-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou New-York-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou Dublin-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou Boston City posters screenprints Berlin City posters screenprints Hong-Kong-City-Screenprint-by-mehimyou Stockholm City posters screenprints Sydney City posters screenprints toronto City posters screenprints

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