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New Zealand inspired Artesian Water packaging

Posted by rod - 11.08.2014


If you think about New Zealand there will be a few that will pop into mind and perhaps one of them will be New Zealand’s nature, it’s pure and rawness. Marx Design used these assets to their advantage when they where asked to create a superior still and sparkling artesian water brand that would be sold in exclusive restaurants across China and New Zealand. As Marx Design descries, instead of going down the minimalistic design root they were inspired by the highly decorative nature of New Zealand’s historical stamps and early 19th century landscape art, romantic and heroic. The attention to detail is amazing from the beautiful cross hatching illustration to the decorative swirls that have a distinctive Kiwi feel and look to them.

New Zealand inspired Artesian Water packaging New Zealand inspired Artesian Water packaging 4-NZAW_1200 5-NZAW_1200

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