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Lufthansa – Passengers on tour illustrations

Posted by rod - 19.08.2014


Lufthansa commissioned 14 illustrators from around the world to capture a specific destination they fly to. The campaign was brought to life by Plan.Net who had the challenge to come up with an online solution. The idea was the “Passengers on tour” competition using the format of the “Wimmelbild”, a well known form of german illustration which tells many stories in one bustling image. Each day a new destination (illustration) was revealed where the viewers had to find one Lufthansa passenger carrying a bag of suitcase. The participants where able to collect points and take part on daily give-aways. Amongst the 14 illustrators from 14 countries there was MUTI, Jori Van der Linde, Victo Ngai, Jilipollo etc.

 Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Johannesburg Druck Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Peking Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-London Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Delhi Lufthansa - Passengers on tour illustrations Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Mexico Lufthansa Paris FIN wipai Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Rio Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Dubai Lufthansa - Passengers on tour illustrations Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Montreal Lufthansa-Passangers_on_Tour-Moskau

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