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African Khulu Soap packaging

Posted by rod - 18.08.2014

African Khulu Soap packaging

South African design studio Fanakalo created these awesome African Khulu Soap packaging designs. By the looks of it Fanakalo was inspired by African barbershops, patterns and paintings.

“Khulu Soap is an original and authentic manufacturer of soaps infused with traditional African herbs and was the first to launch this type of product in South Africa after two years of experimentation with different combinations of herbs.

Hand made soap, infused with traditional wild herbs from the heart of Africa. There are 5 different soaps, each packaged and designed with a specific African theme.”

African Khulu Soap packagingAfrican Khulu Soap packagingAfrican Khulu Soap packagingkhulu-soap-04khulu-soap-05khulu-soap-06khulu-soap-07

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