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Sri Lankan newspaper ink repels mosquitos

Posted by rod - 17.06.2014

This is such a fantastic example where a great and simple idea can save lives. The Mawbima newspaper, one of Sri Lanka’s most popular newspapers has created the worlds first Mosquito repellant papers. The entire newspaper was printed mixing ink and the natural citronella essence, a natural and effective mosquito repellent. Over the past couple of years Dengue fever has had quite a tremendous effect in Sri Lanka infecting 30,000 peole alone in 2013. So someone had to inform and something had to be done.

Mawbima teamed up with Leo Burnett Sri Lanka to create the campaign which first included a series of print ads, showing mosquitos behind letter of the local Sinhalese script (language). After the initial campaign which was really successful especially the bus shelters which were covered in citronella, the newspaper printed the entire morning and evening newspaper using the mix for World Health Day.

The newspaper was sold out by 10am although they increased the volume. They saw a 30 percent increase in sales, along with 300,00 increase in readership. Not only were the people protected but they could also read about Dengue fever.

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Sri Lankan newspaper ink repels mosquitos Sri Lankan newspaper ink repels mosquitos2

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