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The dying art of Hong Kong’s neon signs

Posted by rod - 16.06.2014

Hong Kong’s museum for visual culture recently created a documentary and an online exhibition about Hong Kong’s neon signs. In addition to that the M+ museum received over 2,700 photos from fans who took pictures of the iconic signs.


Pretty much any business in Hong Kong had or still uses a neon sign from drugstores, banks, restaurants, bars, clubs, video game parlours etc. What these signs symbolise is a hallmark of prosperity. What would Hong Kong be with out neon signs? As one guy says right in the begging of the documentary – “Without neon lights the city is like a ghost town”.


Producing and designing neon signs was at its hight during the 1980s-1990s and is unfortunately or fortunately a dying art. The signs still retain their charm if they work, but for a lot of them the light has gone off. Check out the video and the rest essays and photos on via Creative Review

The dying art of Hong Kong’s neon signs The dying art of Hong Kong’s neon signs The dying art of Hong Kong’s neon signsThe dying art of Hong Kong’s neon signs 

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