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Territorial Alphabets – Italy

Posted by rod - 03.03.2014

Territorial Alphabets italy

Thesis Project in Graphic Design by Roberto Picerno
Undergraduate degree in Product Design, Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Bari,
January-June 2008
relators: Mauro Bubbico, Nino Perrone

Domestic canvas are common objects of everyday use, and sometimes they are decorated with representation of the territory. This representation is made with typical elements of that specific territory, as natural landscapes, gastronomical products, relevant characters of the past as well as important architectures and pieces of art. These element are part of an alphabet, they become the common language of inhabitants of that territory. This alphabet is defined by the territory itself, selected after decades and decades of community life and sharing. They are a spontaneous self-representations, which called Roberto’s attention as new ways for defining the identity of a territory, in particular the italian regions. Usually these canvases are sold as souvenirs to the tourists in Italy.

Roberto started from this humble and common artifact as a medium for a diffuse and shared visual identity. He  selected some categories and started his research looking for common elements that could define a territorial alphabet. For each relevant element he designed an icon. Roberto took Calabria as pilot region to start a new definition of the regional visual identity.

Territorial Alphabets italyTerritorial Alphabets italyTerritorial Alphabets italyTerritorial Alphabets italyTerritorial Alphabets italy

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