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Ruta Maya Dark packaging design

Posted by rod - 07.03.2014

Ruta Maya Dark packaging design

The Ruta Maya Dark Packaging design was created by DeRouen & Co in collaboration with  MADHouse.

“Ruta Maya Dark is a blend of new and old world. With a traditional German Schwarzbier, or dark lager, Hops & Grain Brewing pairs Ruta Maya dark roast coffee, sourced from Chiapas, Mexico. This unique, sensational beer carries distinct coffee and cocoa notes as well as a rich, smokey flavor.

Our contemporary translation of this beers’ Mayan and German roots through type and color palette results in a distinctive can that portrays the richness of the style. When approaching the design, we reinterpreted traditional Mayan stamp motifs plus jaguar mask imagery and combined that with Ruta Maya’s logo typography. This imagery can then be broken apart and used as graphics for supporting promotional materials.” via thedieline

Ruta Maya Dark packaging design

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