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Dutch Mafia Project

Posted by rod - 18.03.2014

Dutch Mafia Project

The Dutch Mafia font and icon set is a self promotional project created by Michael Nÿkamp

The Dutch Mafia font and icon set was born from my experiences growing up in a Dutch immigrant family in a predominately Dutch community in Ontario, Canada. The letterforms and symbols recall the unique traditions and images of my childhood, including delft pottery, Sinterklaas, oliebollen, wooden shoes, and mini windmills sitting out on front lawns as garden ornaments.

The Dutch Mafia font and icon set was a self-initiated project. I wanted the style to be simple, ornamental in nature, and amusing–the sarcasm with which it illustrates Dutch culture is completely intentional. At its heart, I hope the font and icon set conveys my enjoyment of, and fondness for, Dutch cultural traditions and objects.

Dutch Mafia Project3Dutch Mafia Project1Dutch Mafia Project3Dutch Mafia Project13Dutch Mafia Project2Dutch Mafia Project6Dutch Mafia Project11Dutch Mafia Project8Dutch Mafia Project16Dutch Mafia Project10Dutch Mafia Project5Dutch Mafia Project4 Dutch Mafia Project12Dutch Mafia Project7Dutch Mafia Project9Dutch Mafia Project14Dutch Mafia Project15

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Hoera, 2 jaar! Well..something about me..I’m a 25 year old Dutch girl who moved across the world and slteetd down in Melbourne, Australia. Here I figured out that I needed a creative outlet from my boring day job and started printing my passion (graphic design) on textiles..the rest is history.I think I found your blog through Aunty Cookie’s one, but not quite sure. In the next two years I’d like to see more birthdays, dutch goodies and more of your fantastic creations. Veel plezier in Parijs!

The website is very simple and unique and the quality of content is very excellent. I have also bookmarked this website.

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