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Noren (暖簾) are traditional Japanese fabric dividers

Posted by rod - 02.12.2013

The art of Noren

Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1

Japan is one of the greatest countries I have been to. Their ability to balance traditions and modernity is outstanding and unique. One of the traditional characteristics one will see around the streets of Japan is Noren. Noren (暖簾) are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, and are used in various ways. Shops and restaurants use them to display their shop name or logo, but also to protect from sun, wind and dust. Inside the restaurant they are used to separate dining areas from the kitchen. Some shops hang them in front of their entrance to signify that they are open, and take them down when they are closed. Commercial bathhouses “Sentō” or some Onsens also attach them across their entrances, blue Noren is for men and red for women.

Noren is not only used commercially. Japanese people hang them up between rooms, on walls, in windows or doorways.

Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


Noren traditional Japanese fabric dividers1


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