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Paris versus New York illustrations

Posted by rod - 04.11.2013

Paris versus New York baguette - bagel

French graphic artist Vahram Muratyan created these lovely minimalist and colourful Paris versus New York illustrations, representing the comparisons and clichés of the two metropolises. Having lived half a year in each city Vahram got the idea to do the illustrations. He posted these illustrations such as baguette vs bagel or Eiffel tower vs Statue of liberty up on his blog parisvsnyc which became quite popular. He also released 3 books of his lovely city illustrations, one of them you can buy via the CreativeRoots bookshelf.

Paris versus New York pierre de taille -brickParis versus New York cdg - jfkParis versus New York eiffel tower - statue of libertyParis versus New York morris - constructionParis versus New York bordeaux - cosmoParis versus New York quasimodo - king kong Paris versus New York place des vosges - brooklyn heights Paris versus New York louvre - apple Paris versus New York pont des arts - brooklyn bridge

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