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The ICONYC New York Poster

Posted by rod - 28.11.2013

The ICONYC New York Poster

With out doubt, New York City is one of the most iconic metropolises in the world. To celebrate its famous neighbourhoods, landmarks and architecture NYC design studio Alfalfa created the ICONYC New York poster.

“Charmingly simple graphics inspired by naive art invite you to discover, explore, and get lost in the City! Spot UV coating on many buildings will help you match them to their names in the border around the map. Watch out for pedestrians, poodles, prams, and pretzels!”

You can buy the 27” x 40” poster directly on Alfalfa’s site.

via quipsologies

The ICONYC New York PosterThe ICONYC New York PosterThe ICONYC New York Poster

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