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Legendary Haida artist Charles Edenshaw

Posted by rod - 28.10.2013

Charles Edenshaw haida art book1


This book is the first comprehensive monograph of the work of legendary Haida artist Charles Edenshaw, overviewing a unique collection of his work, and his legacy. 

Charles Edenshaw was from Haida Gwaii, British Colombia, Canada, and happens to be one of the most iconic figures in Northwest Coast art. He was known for his traditional Haida woodcarvings, argillite carvings, jewellery and paintings, with an innovative and elegant personal style. The book offers a rare opportunity to see and read about his legacy. In addition, the objects featured inside tell us much about Haida culture and history. Even now his work continues to be a great inspiration to those who visit the many museums around the world that hold his artwork in their collections. It is also a great inspiration to the new generation artists and designers, some of whom we have featured on CreativeRoots – Siggi Odds, Steve Smith and the Vancouver Airport. Read more about the book here.

If you fancy buying this book you can order it directly at Black Dog Publishing @ and get a 10 % discount, or you can buy the book directly here via the CreativeRoots Bookshelf. Don’t forget that you can win this book

Charles Edenshaw haida art book1 Charles Edenshaw haida art book1Charles Edenshaw haida art book1Charles Edenshaw haida art book1Charles Edenshaw haida art book1 Charles Edenshaw haida art book1

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