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Branding Myanmar

Posted by rod - 23.10.2013

branding myanmar

Myanmar has in the past few years opened itself up in many ways at lightning speed, from tourism to foreign investment. In order to continue its efforts to attract more visitors and investors, the country has started its first ever nation branding initiative. iD created the nation branding campaign – Myanmar LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN in the form of TV commercial’s and a commemorative book that was launched at the World Economic Forum. The commercials showcase some of Myanmar’s top attractions such as the golden rock, Yangon’s Shwedagon pagoda and the ancient city of Bagan, in addition young girls wear the traditional yellowish-white cosmetic paste Thanaka. At the end of the ad Myanmar presents its tourism logo. The logo is written in the latin alphabet but the letters are inspired and designed in a Burmese script way which dates back to 1053.

From my own travel experience, Myanmar is a country that isn’t spoilt yet and has some distinct traditions, customs and heritage that are worth exploring. I just hope that they will cherish these unique features.

branding myanmar

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