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In Morocco – 2013

Posted by rod - 06.09.2013

In Morocco - 2013 film

If you never traveled to Morocco this video may convince you to hop onto the next plane to Marrakech to explore the country. In early 2013 Director and Editor Vincent Urban traveled with a few mates with their Landrover on a three week trip, to try to discover most of Morroccos versatile landscape. From the Coast to the forest regions of the Middle Atlas, from the hectic Medinas of Fés and Marrakech to the high mountain ranges of the High Atlas, and and not to forget to the dunes of the Sahara Desert are all in captured in this 5 min film. Go and check it out it’s worth it. via fubiz

In Morocco - 2013 filmIn Morocco - 2013 film In Morocco - 2013In Morocco - 2013 film In Morocco - 2013 film

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