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Indian perfume packaging design – Vaara

Posted by rod - 29.08.2013

Jodhpur is one of the most fascinating cities in India, with one of the largest forts in the country, the bustling city markets, the grand palace and it’s beautiful gardens, the city has lots to offer. English perfume retailer Penhaligon recently launched a new design for Vaara, its latest scent. The fragrance takes inspiration from the Royal House of Marwar in Jodphurand the Maharaja’s desire to create a scent to celebrate the arrival of his granddaughter, Vaara.

According to Daniela Nunzi – Mihranian, creative director of jkr global, London. ‘With such a rich story, we had so many sources of inspiration to draw upon. We were particularly taken by the bright colours of the city of Jodhpur and decided to make these an intrinsic element of the design. The vibrancy of Vaara immediately transports you to this exotic world of beauty, where colour, fragrance and flavours mix.’

Indian perfume packaging design - Vaara Indian perfume packaging design - Vaara

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