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Maori Liquor packaging design

Posted by rod - 08.07.2013

One of the main and unique features of the Maori people are their tattoos. The distinctive tattoo designs were the inspirations for Sarah Surrette Maori Liquor packaging design.

“I chose to design a vodka that was inspired by the Maori culture of New Zealand. These indigenous people wear unique facial and body markings that are carved into the skin with chisels. The tattoo-like marks are symmetrical and elegant, and represent each member’s place in the social structure of the Maori society.

For the bottle, I developed a symmetrical pattern that I hand-etched and painted on the glass. The carrier also contains the pattern, but in a less obvious way in order to preserve the elegance of the bottle until opened by the consumer.”

Maori Liquor packaging designMaori Liquor packaging design Maori Liquor packaging designMaori Liquor packaging design

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  • From: Bevan
  • Aug 04, 2016

This is abhorent to Maaori as alcohol was and continues to be one of the vices used to colonise our people. I am deeply offended you could call a bottle of alcohol “Maori” did you ask Maori for permission to use their name and images to brand your product? “I think not” using the unique design of an embattled people to sell alcohol and make money is out right disrespectful.

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