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South African knitwear – Laduma ngxokolo

Posted by rod - 18.06.2013

South African knitwear - Laduma ngxokolo South African knitwear - Laduma ngxokolo
South African knitwear - Laduma ngxokolo South African knitwear - Laduma ngxokolo
South African knitwear - Laduma ngxokolo

Homegrown fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo graduated in in 2010. After graduating the design indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa invited  Laduma to present his fist collection. Even before the conference kicked off the collection acclaimed widespread attention across Africa and Europe. Laduma Ngxokolo menswear idea was influenced by the South Africa’s eastern cape xhosa communities, where each year hundreds of boys aged between eighteen and twenty-three attend the xhosa circumcision schools for a manhood initiation ritual. After the ritual the boys return back home where they have undergo a six month protocol traditionally called Amakrwala.

As soon as they arrive home the old clothes are given away as a sign of the end of their boyhood. This also meant that the parents had to buy new clothes which include high quality men’s knitwear. Laduma experienced himself and felt that there were no South African knitwear brands that had any resemblance to xhosa traditions. Therefore he decided to create his own label that resemble the traditional style of xhosa people wearing their beadwork.


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