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Inspired by - South Africa

South African colours

Posted by rod - 10.05.2013

South Africa coloursSouth Africa coloursSouth Africa coloursSouth Africa coloursSouth Africa coloursSouth Africa colours

This is quite an interesting project by Alejandro Ribadeneira who explores the South African colours. Sometimes all you need are recognisable colours such as the ones from South Africa. One can apply them onto almost anything and still get an association of South Africa. Countries such as England, the USA and Norway, who share the same colours aren’t as lucky/unique. Alejandro took the colours which are represented on the South African flag and included them on different geometric shapes and African animals. It would be interesting to see other country colours applied onto stuff, to see if one still can link it back to the country.

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  • From: Iman
  • May 12, 2013

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