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Whang Od -The Filipino Tattoo maker

Posted by rod - 17.04.2013

Whang Od -The Filipino Tattoo maker Whang Od -The Filipino Tattoo maker

Have a look at this film of 92 year old Whang Od, the filipino tattoo maker from the tiny mountain village of Buscalan, Philipines. The hidden village on the Luzon island is tucked away from the tourist trail and is surrounded by spectacular rice terraces. Whang Od became famous after appearing on a National Geographic report a while ago. She is one of the remaining people in her village that still practise and knows about the tribal culture. Until recently she was the last Kalinga tattoo maker.

“According to specialists, this practice is about a thousand years old and was used as a skin natural language transmitted from generation to generation.”

For more information head over to the awesome filmmakers “Looking for Stories“, who created the above documentary of Whang Od. Back in 2011 CreativeRoots featured the last tattooed women of Kalinga, amongst these black and white photos is also Whang Od. Go and check them out.

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