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Made in Bhutan – Documentary

Posted by rod - 22.03.2013

Made in Bhutan short documentary by jules tardyMade in Bhutan short documentary by jules tardy

Made in Bhutan is a short documentary created for the Loden foundation. After a successful Kickstarter campaign director Hirondelle Chatelard traveled to Bhutan to find a local crew and equipment which helped her create the film. As Hirondelle mentions “For many, Bhutan is known as the kingdom of happiness, a beautiful and harmonious haven between nature, religion and its people.” But the truth is that unemployment is rising and the country is highly dependent on India.

The aim of the documentary is to promote local entrepreneurship, featuring local entrepreneurs such as such as Dawa Dukpa who set up ShoeVival and Sonam Jamtsho, a monk who started an incense factory in the small Himalayan Kingdom. The film will be viewed both inside and outside of Bhutan. Check out the teaser film at the top. The above posters were created by Jules Tardy

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