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African foosball

Posted by rod - 11.03.2013

African foosball African foosball African foosball1 African foosball African foosball2 African foosball African foosball3 African foosball African foosball4 African foosball  African foosball  African foosball


This is a brilliant idea. How do you get people to donate 2 euros that will promote sports to children and young people in Rwanda and South Africa? The African foosball is the answer.

The African foosball is built so that it resembles a rural african football pitch with special elements such as: a sandy and uneven ground, figures on crutches, a tree in the middle of the field, and a well that can easily swallow the ball mid-play. Whilst on the inside edges, other meaningful projects are painted on which will be supported by the donations. The idea for the african kicker came from Hamburg ad agency Kolle Rebbe, built by Materialschlachten and illustrated by Eva Salzmann.

The whole setup, design and execution of the African foosball is brilliant. What do you think, would you kick a few balls around for a good cause?
via MIG


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