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Paris Travel Posters

Posted by rod - 05.02.2013

Paris Travel Posters created by Evan and Nichole Robertson Paris Travel Posters created by Evan and Nichole RobertsonParis Travel Posters created by Evan and Nichole RobertsonParis Travel Posters created by Evan and Nichole RobertsonParis Travel Posters created by Evan and Nichole Robertson

Designers Evan and Nichole Robertson created four Paris travel poster illustrations of the iconic French city. Each poster is beautifully designed and comes with a small twist which make them unique and memorable. The couple designed the posters so that the focus lies on the experiences one has in Paris whilst being at the perfect location. Usually travel posters concentrate on the iconic landmarks of the city or country, but the couple turned everything upside down and set the famous landmarks into the backdrop (e.g. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe). Instead of ‘come see’ it’s all about ‘Come do’.

If you fancy one of these posters you can purchase them for $24 each on Etsy.

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Paris Travel PostersArt and design inspiration from around the world

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