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Norwegian inspired snowboard design

Posted by rod - 07.02.2013

Norwegian inspired snowboard design by Peter John de Villiers Norwegian inspired snowboard design by Peter John de Villiers

It’s every designer’s dream to one day design the graphics on a snowboard. Oslo based illustrator Peter-John de Villiers got this opportunity and created the artwork for a Pro Model snowboard, commissioned by Norwegian rider Fredrik Austbo and Rhythm snowboards.

Fredrik: “For my artwork I wanted to feature the swords that represent my hometown of Stavanger, so I put my friend Peter-John at on it. He went to work for 24 hours straight, and I’m SO blown away by the result!”

The snowboard design includes a series of elements inspired by Norway, such as the the viking, the dragon (which often is seen on the bow of viking ships) and the sword (from i.e. the Swords in Rock.)

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Very beautiful design based on Norwegian mythology! i am used to see these kind of graphics on metal LPs like Bathory! but having a snowboard illustrated like this, it’s really awesome!

This is a really amazing drawing. I would love to have a tattoo like this one or similar.

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