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New Belize tourism logo

Posted by rod - 04.02.2013

New Belize tourism logo designed by olsonNew Belize tourism logo designed by olsonNew Belize tourism logo designed by olson

The new Belize tourism logo was reviled last month, replacing the old brand after 26 years. The Belize Tourism board commissioned US design agency Olson to refresh the identity. Oslon wanted to emphasise the countries authenticity and hoped to make the new logo more Belizean. The agency turned to Belize itself for inspiration, discovering the circular forms found across the nation inspired the new typeface A new colour pallet was introduced that was inspired by the landscape, ranging from the blue sea to the read earth. In addition Belize’s national bird the Keel-billed Toucan was redesign so that it matched the type treatment of the logo.

According to Olson Chief Creative Officer Dennis Ryan, “We wanted it to feel non-commercialized. A lot of times, tourist destinations try to create images that cater to the traveler, versus what the destination wants the traveler to experience.” He adds that the agency’s director of design, Joe Monnens “wanted the logo to feel modern yet timeless. And those travel posters were held up as an example of tourism promotion that felt authentic to the destination. From the outset, the intention was to lend it a more contemporary feel while harkening back to something longed for in our modern culture: things that are authentically crafted. Thus, the work to capture that hand-painted, brushstroke texture — something found all over the country of Belize.”

Also check out the video to see how the new logo was created.


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