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New tourism Australia logo

Posted by rod - 08.01.2013

 New tourism australia logo designed by interbrand Australia

Tourism Australia recently confirmed that it commissioned Interbrand Australia to redesign their logo. The organisations will keep the iconic kangaroo but the new logo will feature a more vibrant colour palette.

“We knew that there were elements that were working in the old logo, the representation of a kangaroo, the sense of movement, energy and vitality, but its slightly childlike feel together with technical difficulties in reproduction often diluted its impact.”

Interbrand says that the old logo had a slightly childlike feel. I feel that the new logo with its colourful design is more childlike than the previous one. I can see that the old logo had technical difficulties in reproduction because of the gradients but it definitely had more warmth than the new one.

What do you think about the new logo?

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