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P&G at the London Olympics

Posted by rod - 18.12.2012

P&G olympic London Skylin illustrationP&G London olympics icon pinsP&G london olympic icon lapelpinP&G olympic coffee cup

P&G committed themselves to a 10-year partnership with the Olympic Movement, becoming one of the top worldwide sponsors. The first campaign was launched in Vancouver and in 2012 Procter & Gamble together with Landor continued building on the London Olympic campaign. Landor was asked to create a visual system for this huge world wide campaign, using the host city and its famous London tube as inspiration for its “road to glory” concept.

“The road to glory is the journey of hopeful Olympians and the devoted mothers who helped them to become athletes—like the first-time Olympic swimmer and her mom who drove her to practice throughout childhood. The visual graphic at the heart of the campaign’s design is a medallion inspired by Olympic medals. The flexible design of the ribbon allows each brand and region to personalise the campaign.”

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