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Nøgne ø dark horizon 3 edition label

Posted by rod - 19.12.2012

Nøgne ø dark horizon 3 edition

Photo donidexter

Nøgne ø dark horizon 3 edition1 Nøgne ø dark horizon 3 edition label design

Norwegian brewery Nøgne ø which means (naked island) is a rather experimental brewery located in Grimstad, Norway. One of their one off beers caught my eye the other day called Dark Horizon 2. edition. It was the design of the beer label that impressed me. The 2nd edition of Dark Horizon label features a lion created out of Arabic calligraphy which is printed over the “Ø” mark. I couldn’t find anywhere, why they feature Arabic calligraphy on the label but I guess it is the Arabic coffee taste mixed with beer which is gave the designers the idea.

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