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Greek extra virgin olive oil packaging – Terra Creta

Posted by rod - 29.12.2012

Greek extra virgin olive oil packaging - Terra CretaGreek extra virgin olive oil packaging - Terra CretaGreek extra virgin olive oil packaging - Terra CretaGreek extra virgin olive oil packaging - Terra CretaGreek extra virgin olive oil packaging - Terra Creta

Greek Olive Oil company Minotaur produced a organic extra virgin olive oil from selected olives from the island of Crete. The design of the olive oil bottle is a black beauty and stresses the importance of the location of the product. A black and gold map is wrapped around the bottle revealing the many islands of Greece. Another Greek (Crete) element on the packaging is the Minotaur logo which is inspired by the Minotaur labyrinth. via thedieline

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this is one of the most contemporary packaging designs! especially using black backround color and the green-gold for contrasting the design details is a brilliant connection through olive oils colors and quality!

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Hi I just found your blog via the 'up and coming' section on Bloglovin. Your pictures are beautiful, it really interests me that you started this as the 365 project because I'm two months into mine now! Did you complete the project the first time you tried it? I don't think I've ever found anyone who's finished it yet!Laura

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