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Peruvian craftsmanship advert

Posted by rod - 08.11.2012

Peruvian craftsmanship advert chulucanaPeruvian craftsmanship advert cojin

Chulucanas (Pottery)

Peruvian craftsmanship advert cojinPeruvian craftsmanship advert chulucana

Cojin (Cushions)

Peruvian craftsmanship advert Mate BuriladoPeruvian craftsmanship advert Mate Burilado

Mate burilado (Gourd)

The Peruvian tourism association recently launched a series of adverts, aimed at spreading it’s craftsmanship. Each advert visually explains the process of how a uniquely created product gets produced. The three adverts feature three unique products, Mate burilado (Gourd), Chulucanas (Pottery) and Cojin (Cushions). Lima, Peru based advertising agency Mayo created the ad and the slogan, which goes “Know What’s Behind it. C.I.T.E.S. Network For Peruvian Craftmanship.

What other products war typical Peruvian?

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