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Branding Air Seychelles

Posted by rod - 21.11.2012

Branding Air Seychelles logo

Last year I reported about the new Air Seychelles identity, the national carrier of the Seychelles. Here is a follow up report with some more images and thoughts from the design agency Turnstyle.

“Air Seychelles is the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles, literally a thousand miles from everywhere, in the center of the India Ocean. With the imminent delivery of new Boeing 787s to augment their fleet, Turnstyle collaborated with Teague to evolve the 25-year-old Air Seychelles identity and reinvigorate their brand.

The identity supports their tagline—“Flying the Creole Spirit”—by highlighting the Seychelles’ unique cultural attractions, including warmth and friendliness, tranquility, water activities, and favorable weather year round.”

Branding Air SeychellesBranding Air Seychelles liveryBranding Air SeychellesBranding Air SeychellesBranding Air Seychelles liveryBranding Air Seychelles web designBranding Air Seychelles business cards

“An airline’s brand extends far beyond its logo and livery. For Air Seychelles, Turnstyle collaborated with Teague to deliver on a wide range of brand touchpoints, including their website, advertising, signage, uniforms and print collateral.”

Branding Air Seychelles interior designBranding Air Seychelles advertsBranding Air Seychelles signageBranding Air Seychelles aircraft

“In addition to the master-branded livery for the international fleet, Turnstyle created a series of designs for Air Seychelles island hoppers, each inspired by the a key natural feature of the Seychelles.”

Branding Air Seychelles aircraft

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